Science Keyword Aggregator

The Science Keyword Aggregator (KWA) is a service that allows users to search for defined keywords across a range of managed vocabularies.

In addition to the service, a widget that uses the service is available for system owners to embed in their application and thus provide term search there. Term selection statistics are maintained too so system owners need not specifically track term use in order to know what their users are doing.


To use the KWA's search directly, please see the Widget Page.

Vocabulary professionals

See the Project Description below and the Vocabularies Page.

System owners

To use the KWA's widget in your system, please see our Widget Page.

Web Service API

The web service search point is /api/search, e.g.
Other API endpoints are given via the Documentation Page

Project Description

This project has developed a web service and associated tooling (e.g. a web page widget) to allow scientific keyword selection from defined vocabularies. The widgets allow keyword selection to be embedded in 3rd party systems. Intended web service or widget users are databases and content management systems (CMSes) that handle things like dataset and conference papers.

The value that the KWA brings is:

Further Information

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